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Guwahati – Ziro – Mon Village - Guwahati

Durations 16 Days

*Minimum group of 6 is required

Tour Details

Day 1 – Arrival at Guwahati Airport

Arrive at Guwahati Airport (GAU). Our team member will welcome you and lead to the hotel. Meet all members if the group in the evening followed a ride briefing. You are free to take a tour of the famous Kamakhya Temple.

Day 2 – Guwahati – Nameri (220 Kms)

The first morning of our Adventure, we proceed to Nameri. Enjoy the greenery on the way as you will cruise through a very smooth highway. The Roads are amazing to ride, covered by trees on both sides and Brahmaputra River flowing elegantly on one side. The inaccessibility and continuity with the neighbouring forest areas have helped the wildlife of Nameri to flourish. One can never resist the tempt to fall in love.

Day 3 – Nameri – Itanagar (150 Kms)

After breakfast drive to Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. The roads are narrow but pleasant along the Brahmaputra river. Enjoy the mild breeze blows during the day. During winter, Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal, witness snowfall between December and January.

Day 4 – Itanagar – Ziro (120Kms)

We leave the city to wander into the wild side of North East India. Pack your stuff together for the long and wild ride. We ride towards the Arunachal border and heartily greeted by the beautiful Ranganadi Dam. The area is famous for having pine hills, mountain rice cultivation and for its fascinating Apatani people. The non-nomadic Apatani Tribe is famous for the facial jewellery which makes women less appealing. Isn`t that unique?

Day 5 – Ziro Local

The plateau is located above 5500 ft and is surrounded by the mesmerizing Apatani Tribal houses on all sides. Take the day off from the ride and enjoy the tagin villages filled with local traditional houses. The town offers multiple stunning scenic locations. Visit the pine and the bamboo groves & 5000 years old cave temple & Kile Pakho.

Day 6 – Ziro – Dapo (170 Kms)

Dapo means `the protection` against the epidemic or evil spirits and Rijo refers to `the valley` with the shining sun, we leave the beautiful tiny hill hamlet of Daporijo, the hub of six tribes. Keep counting the infinite hilly turns in to the so-called `Just 170 Km ride`; Although the curves never bore you. Enjoy the panoramic view of River Subansiri Flowing in the immediate vicinity of the town; try out rafting there. Enjoy the evening with paddy fields & pine hills view, home to the people of Tagin Tribe who are famed for their unique cultures, traditions and religious practices.

Day 7 – Dapo – Aalo (160 Kms)

We continue our journey to yet another home to Memba and Adi tribes. If you had fun riding on the curves yesterday, today it`s merrier. Get a good hold on the brakes on blind turns. Enjoy the stay at Along surrounded by Menchuka Valley mountains, Kabu Dance, Hanging bridge, orange garden & the confluence of the Sipu and Siyom.

Day 8 – Aalo – Pasighat (110 Kms)

As we pass on through by the roads to cover our desired destination, we will get mix of good tarred single and double lane roads and also roads in depleted condition. You will be passing through unending forests and different Adi tribes until you hit Pasighat from where you will be Riverine Areas. The roads from Along to Pasighat is quite narrow and sandy.

Day 9 – Pasighat – Roing (120 Kms)

After wandering through lush green mountains and valleys, today you will be experiencing the thrill of river crossing. You will be riding through fierce full Brahmaputra river bed, it is so vast that you may possibly find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere. Also, the rocky river bed adds to the challenges while crossing this river. This Trans – Arunachal Highway offers beautiful infinite grasslands one half and muddy, swampy and exhausting on the other half. Over and above, you will need a good rest once you reach Roing. For which you will be put up in cottages where you can savor homemade rice liquor and rest through the night.

Day 10 – Roing – Mayodia Pass – Roing (120 Kms)

Wake up to the cool breeze, no pollution, no noise and prepare yourself for another day of the ride. Keep your spirits high, as today you will be riding through the meandering and slippery roads, snowfall and narrow roads towards the top. You will be mesmerised looking at the panoramic view from there, as the blue skyline meets the green mountains as long as your eye sight follows. Once you return to Roing, you will be spending the night alongside the bonfire dancing to the local music beats and feel good for all the beautiful memories you created during the day.

Day 11 – Roing – Dibrugarh (160 Kms)

Comparatively, today is a leisure ride day. After tiresome riding days, you will now enjoy riding on good long tar roads cherishing the nature. Riding to the south of Assam, you will cross through many natural reserves. You may spot Deers and Rhinos if you are lucky on that day. You will be crossing Doom-Dooma and Tinsukia towns. At the end of the day, witness spectacular sunset over Bramhaputra river once you reach Dibrugarh. Wind up your day with enchanting local delivasies followed with a fresh hot shower after you check-in to your hotel.

Day 12 – Dibrugarh – Mon Village (130 Kms)

Today, we will continue the ride towards Nagaland leaving Assam behind. The ride is a short one but not an easy one. As soon you enter Nagaland, true sense of off roading surfaces towards Mon. Mon is the land of the captivating Konyak Naga. Konyaks are known for their tattooed faces, blackened teeth and head-hunting prowess, the last thankfully being in the past.

Day 13 – Mon Local

Today we will spent be our whole day in Mon on the motorcycles to spot the local sightseeing in Mon. There are many places to explore with innumerable stories to tell – Lungwa King House, Singi Sui, Head Hunting tribe, Local Market, Tribal Dance and Cultures. Be the Fox Traveller reporter for the day, research and be the guide for the day.

Day 14 – Mon to Kaziranga (260 Kms)

Pack your stuff together for the next day on the long and wild ride. The comfort of the road will fade away after Jorahat. Enjoy the jungle safari when you reach Kaziranga. Witness the beauty of the versatile biodiversity of wildlife – forests, wetlands and grasslands; home to tigers, elephants and one-horned rhinoceroses.

Day 15 – Kaziranga to Guwahati (225 Kms)

Leaving the greenery, we ride along the Brahmaputra River before a point where we bid bye to these terrain & wonderful memories in our minds, we continue to growl our engines towards the last destination of the journey. While riding back to Guwahati, the question `what`s there to watch` will be full of so many answers. We reach the hotel before you will know it.

Day 16 – Guwahati to Hometown

Check if you packed everything before checking out from the hotel. Locking the memories of the beautiful places and the journey with our team members, we head back to our destination.

Impotant Notes:-
  • Above given hotels are subject to availability
  • Any additional sightseeing will be charged for extra
  • * Each tour is subject to change without notice due to local conditions be it weather or other.